The Power of Words

Here, Rachel Huculak shares a vignette on the intimate nature of word choice, discussing how our life experiences influence our language and the subconscious ways in which our words connect us those around us.

When books and movies are crafted today, large thought is put into the words that are used. The author or writer carefully selects words that reflect not only the meaning that they strive to convey in their book or movie, but they craft a different meaning for the reader as well.

Life experiences have everything to do with an author’s word choice. As they grow older and experience new things, they begin to learn new words. They begin to find that there are different words that reflect a certain moment or stage of their life. So, when they write a book or script for a movie, they incorporate their life experiences by utilizing different words. This method is used when writing songs and poems as well, for the life experiences of the writer often shape the words they use. In addition, when you’re reading the words of a song or poem, you can often feel the emotion of the writer, as if you were going through the same experience. In other words, you can join them on their journey, feeling the pain, sadness, or happiness they felt in that particular moment. Finally, the reader can also relate their own experiences to the words. For example, when they see a particular word it may bring back an old memory or remind them of a person who is special to them. It can bring about many feelings, which is a goal the writer is trying to accomplish.

Overall, without words, we would not have a platform to express our feelings, and talk about experiences that shape us to be the people we are today.

—Rachel Huculak

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