Why an Out-of-State Big City Internship is a Great Experience

By Jessica Summer Olson

Last summer I lived in London for a study abroad program and it changed everything for me. The opportunity to study, learn, and live in another country and culture taught me how to be a strong leader, work with others very closely, and accomplish goals I never knew I could conquer.  I was given an entirely new perspective on my academic and personal career, as well as developing new skills, teamwork, effective communication, time management and critical thinking.  So, when looking for an internship, I wanted to spread my wings again. Sure, I could get an internship anywhere in my local area, but after London, I wanted to expand my world even more. That is when I was introduced to an internship in New York City.

Having an internship in a big city will increase your role within the global community and your exposure to professional networking. If your field of interest is English literature and creative writing and you would love to be a successful author, work with the media/public relations and/or the editorial department. Books, reading, and writing are a passion of many students that motivate them every morning to learn their craft through life experiences, trial and error, teachers, and mentors.  

It is very difficult to be successful in this industry, but anything worth having is worth fighting for and it’s not supposed to be easy (otherwise, everyone would do it).  And that’s the thing most people don’t understand about fighting for what you want. It’s not how hard you can hit, but how hard you can get hit and get back up; how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. Living in a big city like London or New York City for an internship takes courage, bravery, talent, discipline, and determination. All are qualities that stand out in a person with integrity and character—and this world needs more people like that. Are you one of those people and still believe you can make a difference in this world? Then this type of internship is the perfect platform to get you started after graduation. Fear keeps most people back from their dreams, but there is one emotion that is stronger than any other and that is hope—hope to see the world as it could be, not just as it is!   


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