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Red Cedar Review Volume 53

Dear Readers,

We are very pleased to present Volume 53 of Red Cedar Review. Our mission is to seek out and support promising undergraduate writers and artists. We put a lot of effort into selecting the best creative works from across the country and with your support have created another rewarding volume of Red Cedar Review.

One of our goals this year was to expand the diversity of our submissions. We wanted to find unique voices of our generation. Last year, we received 95 submissions; this year, we were able to increase that number to 155. We are proud of the hard work our staff put into extending our reach and thankful that our submitters were so generous in sharing their work.

In our efforts to increase our public reach, we also worked this year to explore and organize our 50+ years’ worth of archived material from past issues. We will soon make the RCR Archives freely accessible to the public on our website at We would like to extend our gratitude to our reading staff and editing team and give special thanks to the following people: Ben Bland, Alex White, Juliette Givhan, and Katherine Stark. We are especially appreciative of Julie Taylor, whose wisdom guided us in our hour of need and made this journal possible. We would also like to extend our endless gratitude to Robin Silbergleid, our faculty advisor, who guided us through every step of the publication process.

Alexis Isaac and Martha Spall
Managing Editors, Red Cedar Review